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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 4, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> right. thank you for joining us. see you nokes -- next week, everybody. c: >> hello, everybody. i'm eric polling. it's 5:00 o'clock in new york city. this is the fife. >> supreme court justice clarence thomas sat down for a very rare interview and it did not disappoint. one of the most powerful african-american conservatives in american history talking about the most powerful african-american liberal in american history, mr. president obama. first up, has he met the president? listen. >> in passing. he visited the court. i don't do a lot of washington, and i'm not into politics. i mean, there is not that many occasions. i shook hands with him at the
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inauguration, just very polite. i had no in-depth conversations. >> he was asked, is. there any common ground between the two men. listen. >> you know, that's hard tode s. it's like what common ground did i have with president bush 43? i'm not into politics. i don't like politics. i try not to -- i do my job. >> then things got interesting. here is what he thinks about mr. obama ander how he got elected. >> the thing that i always knew that it would have to be a black president who is approved by the elites and the media because anybody they didn't agree with, take apart. and that will happen with virtually -- you pick your person, any black person who says something that is not the prescribed things that they expect from a black person will be picked apart. you can picker anybody -- don't pick me. pick anyone who has decided not- to go along with it.
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there is a price to pay. so i always assumed it would be somebody the media had to agree with. >> all right. bob, you want to kicks it off. >> i think that's a little simplistic, a lot simplistic. i've never been a big clarence thomas fan. but the idea suggesting that ths reason obama essentially got elected was because he was theba kind of black guy that the rest of america felt comfortable with and the media and if it was a conservative black man, he wouldn't get elected. i think he takes away all of obama's very good political skills, which are enormous. >> what do you think? >> i think he's touching on something. i do. i think that if you look at the way historically, and i know he said not me, but he's the perfect example of how the media treats certain demographics that they feel belong squarely in their camp. and women is one. and if you look at the way that the media actually celebrated
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hillary clinton until barak obama came into the game, the media made a very conscious decision to say, you know what? we love the idea of the first female president, but we loveis the idea of a president obama more than a clinton. they actually single handedlyba became the glass ceiling that stopped her for sure.ei >> i think it's refreshing. i like seeing clarence thomas. i love hearing him talk. you don't hear it a lot. it's very refreshing that he comes out and says, look, i'm not into the politics. i do my job. the p washington thing is not po of what i do.on i rule on cases i see and he never once said, hey look at mek i'm the first black supreme court justice. he doesn't point the finger -- >> he wasn't. >> i'm sorry. he's the first conservative black supreme court justice. he doesn't play that tune. >> black conservative> is the actual interracial marriage that white liberals hate the most. nothing makes people like bob
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and media malfunction more, it's like sticking a black fork in a white toaster. b and all of a sudden steam starts coming out. being a black republican in 2013 is cooler than being a black i panther in the 1970s. it's edgier. you take more risks, and the case in point, you take two -- bob is laughing -- take two accomplished black men, clarence thomas and president obama. one is beloved by the media, one is revealed. why is that? it's the obvious racism of the media elite that believe that blacks should be kept in their place. it's why they can't stand alan west. he's a war hero, but he refusess to buy into their assumptions that basically keep him down. >> dana? >> what? [ laughter ] >> you want to weigh in on clarence thomas? >> the rare interview happens six months. it's not that he never speaks. it is interesting to hear from him when he's not talking about the court specific
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the follow-up question by the interviewer of do you have any common ground with president came after he said, i've never met him. so how could heh possibly have common ground. maybe they would have some common ground if they had a chance to discuss. i agree with bob that it is dangerous for conservatives tong think they can win elections if they don't understand that the campaign prowess and the sophistication of the obama teas from 2004 when he was elected -- or 2006, then 2008 and 20 -- that's a 2 juggernaut. there is genuine affection for president obama from all sorts of people all around the country and persuasion is a better way to try to get people to come around to yourou point of view rather than saying oh,io well, then he's just liked by the elite and that's why he got elected. >> also he gets -- president obama gets a lot of help from the media. >> that's true. >> absolutely sway their reporting to the obama
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administration's debate. let me roll this sound bite first. here is president obama talking. you don't hear a lot of this. o listen. >> the rule that'sma been put forward by the f.d.a., secretary se beihl i can't has reviewed, she's comfortable with, i'm comfortable with. i'm very comfortable with the decision they've made right now based on solid scientific evidence for girls 15 and older. >> okay. so we didn't see that on any of the main stream morning shows. we didn't see them talking about it. so president obama says he's inw favor of 15-year-olds having access to the morning after pill. where is the coverage besides here? >> first of all, you think this is a tough segway. we sent from clarence thomas to the day after pill. i don't think what he said wasni extraordinarily news making. he's made this point before and
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sebelius said what she said and this why really gave -- said forget that. it should be out anywhere in the drugstore, which we talked about that.don't agree with all but i don't see where the news worthinessat is. >> that's the point, though. neither did the morning shows, the today show that many parents watch. and evenei d i think you have po choice or democratic mothers who are watching this and seeing this and they're saying, wait ad minute. no, no,g no. i don't want my 15-year-old to have access to this prescription without my knowledge or any prescription. if i were a mother, i would feec that way. and the point isif that the meda didn't cover it. and in many states, bob, it'stu statutory rape. and the fact that the president commented on it should be big news and it's not. they excuse it because it's highly radioactive and way left field. this is not an middle of the rod issue even for many democrats. >> i wish there was a morning after pill for thisis administration. am i right, t america?is
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>> here, >> dana? >> the part that interested me was when he said it's based on scientific evidence. it still bother -- science is going to be able to do a lot of things in the future.e that doesn't mean necessarily that our leaders should say, whatever science is able to doce that we should bless it. common sense, decency, good judgment, responsibility, those types of things have to factoren into leadership at some point. >> all right.y can we do one more sound bite and bob, don't kill me if this is a hard term for you again. nancy pelosi, the media has given -- they gave president obama a pass in 2008. they put him up on a pedestal in 2012. listen to nancy pelosi now looking forward to 2016. watch. >> i pray that hillary clinton decides to run for president of the united states. let's set aside the fact that she's a woman. as a person, she will be the most qualified person to enter the white houseer in modern
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history. [ applause ] >> greg, your thoughts? >> yeah, she'sla right. if modern history began in 2008. that was a total dig on obama. i couldn'ted believe she'd say that. she's going to get a free ride. we know hillary will get a free ride. she had a free ride up until obama. the media wants to be cool, especially in history. they want to usher in the first woman president. it's how they rallied around obama. by 2026,un if we don't have our first little person president, i'm moving to trinidad or to tobago. >> you're going to lose fans. >> thoughts, the most qualified president in modern history? >> based on what? she was the former first lady. but if you look at the resume of other people who have run for president, i'm looking for these big accomplishments that hillary clinton has done. her tenure at the state department was nothing short of -- i'm going to say it based oven benghazi, a failure.
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that 3:00 a.m. phone call went to her and it was ignored and we know that for a fact based on hearings.ions and but they will ignore it. i assure you, benghazi will not be an issue if she runs for president. the slogan in 2008 was it's my turn.. in 2016 it will be, it's really my turn. >> i think that nancy pelosi is wrong for another reason. that is verys inside the beltway typeas of thinking. the experience that has mattered mosty through some very successful presidents in the s past has been governorship, including the one her husband had because you trial have to manage and you are the executive of the state. you have to have a budget. you can't just rack up air miles and say, what an accomplishment. so there could be m a governor, maybe on the democratic side, there is not as many, but i tend to think in a year like 2016, there might be somebody from outside the beltway, outside tht establishment, shall i say, that is out there in the country that
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is actually connected with whata americans really care about. >> on the right. >> no, on the left, too. >> you think somebody else will give her a run? >> first of all, i want to take exception to what you said about her being a failure as secretary of state. i can't think of a secretary of state who has been aon better success in many ways. >> we have four dead americans. we haven't had an ambassador killed in inn 40 years. >> nato is stronger. the pacific rim countries are close with us. she's taken the case for women around the world. she's handled a t number of this and kept the united states in the forefront of it at a time when we were slipping. >> her job is to keep the people that work for her, the diplomats safe. and she did not. >> you can't pick out just benghazi. >> do you think it's a dance move in the congo? what is so great about the tenure? >> you can't rate her on one event like this. i've said that there was a failure of a lot of things. >> they graded bush on far less. >> can we get beyond that at some point? >> there are people, some would
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say, one of the most important attributes to a president would be military service. can we throw up the full screen. let's look at the most recent, i modern history presidents. do you have that. we don't have it. so president obama, no military service. president bush had a texas air guard. >> national guard. >> president clinton, no military service. president bush 41 had military service, lieutenant. and president reagan wass a captain in the army. >> president reagan was a captain in the army. that's right. he madees r movies for the mili. i don't consider that to be necessarily strong military experience. she was on the armed services committee and interestingly enough, the pentagon, the uniformed pentagon like her very much. >> that's true. t >> thoughts? >> i always think military service is an important part of anybody's a resume. i say that now at 48 'cause i cannot be registered.
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>> we shall leave it ahead, the murder case that's captivated the nationve is windg downha after four months of dramatic testimony. today jody arias' defense gave closing arguments. we'll fill you in on what happened. but next, why is the main stream media and our director of national intelligence down m playing the boston bombingen suspect's connection to radical islamist? that plus new developments in the investigation straight ahead islamists. more straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ take m [ male announcer ] straight from red lobster's chefs to your table for a limited time! it's our seafood dinner for two for just 25 dollars! a handcrafted seafood feast made to share. first you each get salad and unlimited cheddar bay biscuits. then choose two from a wide variety of chef-inspired trées like our new honey garlic crispy shrimp
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>> so some intelligence experts call the boston bombing a home grown attack, comparing it to sandyom hook. to buy that, you have to ignore the red flags that were raised before the attack f or the associations to various terrorist low lives. you have to play down the idea that the bombing may be part of a greater movement meant to inspire mayhem. sorry, the last time i checked, the sandy hook ghoul wasn't part of a larger hate group. here you have people leaving miserable places to come to the greatest country ever and we must u adapt to them. imagine throwing a party in which the goal is to make it less fun. you pee in the dip. you trash the furniture, you
2:19 pm
punch each guest. welcome to america. 80% more like afghanistan. this is the first time in history the world's greatest decides to assimilate downward.d it goes back to exceptionalism when we once believed our country was tops, we expected those who came here to get it. having forfeited that, we embracedr tolerance that turns a blind eye to deadly connections. so many people left the desert to come here and it's us who stick our heads in the sand. >> dana, i hope you were listening 'cause that waste directed to you. here is the thing that i want to makeug a very obvious point here if i can find my questions. there are otherin communities in america that live separately. they're called the amish. all right? do we worry about us assimilating to the amish? do we all start churning butter? no. why is thisdo different? why do we have to assimilate to them d or figure out their culture? >> i have started quilting.
2:20 pm
[ laughter ] and riding around in a buggy. >> yeah. good for you. >> i thought you made an excellent point. i don't understand in some of the reading that we had this morning from a very well-known columnist inside thedo beltway o said that basically the burden s is on us to hope that they can somehow come to like us whene they get here. >> yes. >> i don't know exactly when that changed. the last line in this is that it's not likely to spike into mass phenomenon, the tsarnaev bombers. i don't understand why we are in this position. i'm not exactly sure how to geta out of it, if our leadership inr washington is telling columnist and the "washington post" thatrs basically, well, there is not a lot we can do. >> yeah. i say tweet more dog photos to the muslim community.g: >> okay. >> that might bewe nice. >> there is a little distinction here. the amish make decisions to keep themselves separate. >> right. >> and their culture is their culture and if you want to join
2:21 pm
them and be amish, fine burks they don't want to city same lit -- assimilate with the rest of america. with the muslim case, that's why i have a hard time wondering if they want to, too. where there are large concentrations of muslims, they all congregate together. very much like in >> yeah. >> maybe it's part of the. process. this happened before whenng immigrants came to the united states. >> they had little italy. >> those took a long timely to assimilate. maybe that's the idea here. i don't>>: know. but i do know this, that i have they set up their mosques and then we're ridiculed by collaboration -- clerics who don't like us. why are you traveling all the way over here? >> are we going to put a mosque up at the end of the bostonat marathon finish line? is that the thing we have to do to appease them? i cannot believeha that this administration continues to say is no
2:22 pm
al-qaeda has changed. it's a brand. it's not a unified army and thet don't have cards with i.d.'s. it's an idea. >> yeah. >> and it really hasit changed.s the fact that we don't know that or acknowledge it is very scary. those brothers were more americanized than anybody. they boxed. they had no trouble meeting girls. they smoked p. they loved american tv shows. they got our taxpayer dollars. they went to our schools. there isws no better example tht we a welcomed them, showered thm money and they turned around and killed us. >> yeah. screw them. >> and then the administration says, well, we mirandized quickly because, you know, it's probably a lone wolf and were probably self-radicalize. meanwhile, "60 minutes" says, he was a nice kid, one girl said ia was in love with him. he was so cute. another guy said we tried to bring him into the muslim student association, but he wouldn't join. now we find out, if the daily caller is right, that he played soccer with students from the
2:23 pm
muslim student association. there is a lot of ties betweenoc the muslim student association, muslim brotherhood. there is al-qaeda ties, there is radical imams who speak at the muslim student association events. there's a lot more ties that we may have found had we not mirandized him within 48 hours. >> can i point out, i said i didn't want any pictures of the bombers. i said to use c i the dog poop d you didn't use the dog poop. use the dog poop now. >> i can get awe picture of dog poop this weekend. >> all right. >> i wanted to say -- >> there it is. >> one of the recommendations from the intelligence community is that we need more effective policing. that's exactly whatd the nypd ws doing when they were doing community policing and the a.p. tried to destroy them and got a pulitzer for it. >> can i just do this? i want to show the cover to the boston herald. do we have t that ready? this is an amazing point that has to be made, that if those friends of the bombers had made
2:24 pm
that phone call when they texted back and forth to each other, that guy would be alive. bob? >> i was just going to say that. i think we were careful aboutne indicting all muslim student associations. there is a lot of them. i don't think we can say they're all dangerous associations 'cause i don't believe they are. >> all i said was "60 minutes" said oh, no, no, they put a muslim student representative saying he was not part of our group. well he wasn't part of our group, but he spent a lot of o time playing in soccer games with them every single week. >> good muslim, bad muslim. repeat after me.a: >> good greek, bad greeks [ laughter ] >> they don't go blowing up things and killing americans. >> ahead, you heard all aboutek it. now you're going to see how reese witherspoon got herself arrested. we have the tape of her fighting state trooper. reese's real life drama coming up next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the weekly standard is reporting there is new evidence that shows the administration may have been misleadingan americans in the aftermath of the attack on our consulate in benghazi on september 11 of last year. a hearing looms next week for congress it investigate. witnesses are planning to come victoria toensing, who. represents one, found herself in the middle of a war with the state department over getting earnscally for her clients to testify. >> unfounded did she d. >> false statements is lying, isn't it? >> we think that false statements are lying. we think that it was unfounded
2:30 pm
to go on tv and say, i'm not getting a security clearance. i'm being blocked, when she hadn't picked up the phone and even called us. >> he has been making up stuff about me all week and attacking my credibility. if secretary kerry has any integrity or class, he will demand that he apologize to me. >> okay. i don't know how this has come to this, andrea. i'll go to you first. just from a d communications standpoint. the white house fromow the beginning, talked about this report in the weekly standard, they were covering this up from the beginning. so now -- that's what it says, what them e-mail apparently show -- when you have jay n care saying, well, that was a long time ago. it doesn't matter. now you have a spokesperson at the state department criticizing someone who is very popular, an experienced lawyer inpo washington, i think they're digging themselves in deeper. >> they are. and it keeps getting worse by the day. steven hayes, who a wrote the piece that you mentioned, it's fantastic and it's explosive. it'sta everything that we thougt was here.
2:31 pm
we knew it as jay carney would say, isn't itself evident this they bungled this thing and there was more to the story? as you point out, victoria toensing is very, very credible. when i talked to her on my radio show, i said, can they stop your clientske from testifying? she said no, andrea, they can't. they can just limit what they cano say. and why they're making this so difficult is beyond me. honestly, they should have justt let them go and testify instead of saying, we never got the communication from her and defending the secretary who did get a letter from darrell issa.a >> because we are short on time, let me go to the sound bite from charles krauthammer talking about the hearing next week and get thoughts because he had advice for republicans when they do the hearings. >> republicans need to be real careful to ask a question and not give a speech, to listen to the previous question and to follow up and lastly, to treat everybody in an impartial way, looking for information, and being willing to accept human
2:32 pm
error and not assuming always the worst of motives, to make it a real inquiry into truth and thus, take away the argument that it's political attack. >> greg that, a good point? >> yes. agree. i kind of zoned out there.ed >> why? >> i was just thinkingut about what i was going to eat. >> he was making a great point. >> he was and i blew it. the administration is about as transparent as a french film. i cannot follow what they're doing and what really gets me is jay carney. i'm more upbet what jay carney is saying. he reflects the mindset of the media. he essentially insulted the media by saying, it's an old story. the media now has to almost get embarrassed into covering the story. they should cover the story because he justov said, you're t going tove cover it. >> i think, getting back to charles krauthammer, i think he makes a very good point ask says to republicans, do not treatns this as a witch hunt, but rather as a way to uncover information.
2:33 pm
and the toensing issue with the state department, that washe pretty clear. either it happened or didn't happen. somebody is lying here. i don't know who, but somebody is lying. if you look at the state department, the cables you talk about, about changing the talking t points, i will say th, that happens a lot in something like this. but that has been another -- it has. point --me >> but changing the intent of cover it up, that is not usual. point out whatto it is alleging. that ambassador rice, after coming out and talking on five separate talk shows and blaming the video that the administration leaned on intel to change talking points 'cause that wasn't -- blaming the individual i wouldn't entwhistle in the original talking points. leaned on the intel committee to change the talking points to fit the administration's rhetoric, to fit it. basically covering up for her
2:34 pm
lying or fibbing or whatever she did. >> if we can go back to that first week, the intel community did come out and say that they were not convinced yet -- >> but bob, you have to look at the documents andnc the way that steven hayes, go to you can follow it because you see the original points, the original imesl, then the request to from the state department late on a friday night before susan rice was getting ready to do hee hearing. we can have the hearing next week and let the chips falll where they way. >> i can make advice to democrats, take your hits if you have to, but get out of the hole and hand away the shovel because this thing is not going to bring anybody down. but it's going to clear the air. >> they should have. >> they only need to ask one question.le >> who pushed the video? p >> we know the administration. >> next, a crackdown on fake i.d.'s could cost underage drinkers age big chunk of chang.
2:35 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> did you ever use a fake id to get into a bar or buy booze when you were a kid? we'll tell you our teen anal tales in a moment. first a b new bill being proposd in wisconsin that would allow bars to sue any minors trying to trick themal for $1,000. how prevalent is fake i.d. use in america? i hitse manhattan today to find
2:40 pm
out. did you ever have a fake i.d.?r >> yes, i did. >> yeah, i did when i was 14. >> howe many? >> three. >> do you remember the name on your fake id? >> it wasur actually my own nam. >> john prendergast. >> david johnson> iii. >> did it look like you? >> nothing at all. >> it was my picture, yeah. it said i was from florida. >> i stole it from one of the girls i hung around with. >> where did you i get it? >> a friend of mine scratched them off in his dorm room. >> some guy i know, from a friend from a friend. >> always a friend of a friend. >> did it work when you used it? >> all the >> worked a couple times 'til it got takent. away. >> the only way they found me was because i had my real name. so don't ever put your real m name. >> all right. i never had a fake one. older sister's. we looked nothing alike. she's tall and beautiful and light green eyes and 5' 9. that didn't work. so my i.d. had my birthday on it, 12-30. i won't say the year. but that year was the summer i1 turned 21.
2:41 pm
so i took a lighter and i burned the one off of the 12 so it said 2-30. when i wouldh go up to the bar, the bouncer would say, whaten happened, my friend would say, she was in ahe fire. she survived very serious burns. how dare you say that. they didn't realize there was not 30 d days in february. t and i always got in. >> nice. >> ieb don't advise that at hom. >> i had five of them. >> just five. >> alexander hamilton, george clooney. oh, yeah. i also had -- three others? >> albert einstein? >> yeah. we were very close. >> fabio. >> the easiest fake i.d. ith will -- by the way, i can leavey this studio and 15 minutes later come back with one in polling's name with my picture. the easiest was a bad fake i.d. and wrappedha around it a $20 bl
2:42 pm
and push it in.o >> i kept my birthday on and it worked everyi time. i was 16 years old.16 the drinking chicago was 18. when it went to 21, i think when i just turned 18 it went to 21. we had toad drive up to wiscons. >> worked like a charm. >> i don't know why i'm so embarrassed that i never had one.o but i was so scared of getting in trouble. >> why am i not surprised? >> i'm surprised i'm embarrassed because that's a good thing to do is not get a fake i.d i was so scared to get in trouble. i have a problem right now with my i.d. that it's not about. what it's about height. and it's a typo and i went to change it and it's not available to change and i can't face going back there. it says i'm substantially taller than i am. >> did you drink before you were 21? >> yeah. once. [ laughter ]
2:43 pm
>> greg? >> you don't need an i.d.1? to t into chuck e cheese, dana. >> at least i can get on the rides c at chuck e cheese. >> a little height joke you're going to do there. >> we got to go to the video. >> all right. i'm sorry. i had a fake i.d., butes unfortunately it was younger than me because i was always trying to get into disney films cheaply. [ laughter ] it wasn't aboutsn booze. it was about dean jones. i love bug. >> all right. folks at home, don't get a fake i.dak bob, no. reese witherspoon didn't need a fake i.d., but i bet she wishes she had a different form ofs identification that didn't say her name on it because the dashboard cam from the cop car has surfaced of that fateful night. look at this. >> ma'am, what did i just tell to you do? >> i'd like to know what's going on. >> he's under arrest. >> i'm a u.s. citizen. i'm allowed to stand on american
2:44 pm
soil and ask any question i want to ask. >> go ahead. >> you better not arrest me. are you kidding me? >> no. i told you. >> i'm an american citizen. >> i told you to get in that cam and stay in there, didn't i? >> this is beyond. do you know my name, sir? >> don't need to know. >> you don't need k to know my name? quiet. >> okay. you're about to find out who i >> oooo. never get to say that. >> yeah. i learned a lot from that video. keep your mouth shut. i didn't know you could get arrested for that. she reminds me so much of you. >> when i got arrested? >> yeah. that time. it was horrible. >> this is my favorite part. at the verynd the officer says to her husband, he sakes i tried. and he says i tried. and her husband says, i had nothing to do with t that. >> yeah. >> basically throws her under the bus! >> he throws her -- dude. >> what is wrong with her. w >> that's pretty weak husband response.
2:45 pm
>> yeah. >> we often say how wonderful she was on the show and o apologized. this is clearly a case of somebody who thinks she's got standing and tried to put one over everybody else. she should have spent a couple nights in jail in the drunk tank. >> i don'the think it was that u until the very end when she said do you know who i am? i guess the best thing o say is yes, sir and no, sir and stay in the car. >> directly ahead, dramatic moments in thead jody arias murr trial.ri the defense is wrapping up the case. we'll take you inside the courtroom, up next ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, boy. [ groans ] ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jody arias murder trial after four months of testimony, here are some of the highlights from both the prosecution andmo the defense today and yesterday. >> she may cry now. the jury instructions have told you that sympathy is not to bes considered in this particular case. no doubt that p she did it. no doubt that he's trying to get away from her. >> it's not even about whether
2:50 pm
or not you like jody arias. nine days out of ten, i don't like jody arias. you're liking her or not liking her doesri not objectively asses the evidence. >> nine out of ten days, it must have been a long trial. eric, you know, i got to admit, i misted this thing. i didn't get the sensational number of people that were going to tune in to this thing, but i guess looking at it now, it has all the components. >> it's been a fantastic trial. juanne martinez has done a masterful job straight through. he had her m on the stand. in these closing argumentness where he's c literally going through step by step of what she did, she starts breaking down. he's tryingst to tell the jury, don't have any sympathy for her. she killed that impeachment remember, she said someone else did it, for two years, she said someone else did it and then two yearshe into the whole investigation thing, oh, no, i did it, but it was self-defense. i had to blow him away with a gun. slit his throat and stab him 30
2:51 pm
times. >> dana, i know is one of your favoritei subjects. >> you know the best phrase i: heard, closing arguments. that's all i got. >> greg? >> i wrote one other thing. don't care. that was my other thing. >> i curse you headline news for forcing us to do this story. here is the thing, nothing good came from this trial. theyry dragged a dead man throuh hell who could not defend himself. we indulged a cold blood murderer who lied about everything. and i really get ticked off about people who say this about spousal abuse. and they're talking about the abuse against her. we have no evidence of that. we have evidence that she brutally murdered this guy if that's spousal abuse. i'm sick of her face.. go away forever. >> andrea? >> all they have to do is create a little bit of doubt in the jurors' mind had which is what they did with casey anthony. i think there is so much
2:52 pm
evidence here and shehe contradicted herself. she's told so many differentd stories that i think it's a little too late for the tears. >> i do think it says something about the viewing interest of the american public that they'll pull noting in this much of the american public. >> because it's better than a reality show, sex, lies, photos. >> before they dressed her up -- okay. one more thing. that was a plea by our producer the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card
2:53 pm
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♪♪ >> time for one more thing. i'm going to go first. programming note tonight kimberly guilfoyle involved in a special called "see no evil," the kermit gosnell case. take a listen. >> he was. inducing labor and he was having these women deliver babies and deliver fetuses. >> something that's important to understand, the means by which
2:57 pm
these babies' lives were taken wasn't a traditional type of abortion procedure. they were drugged up so that induced and once the babyy left the mother's bod, taking its first breath, at that point, that's how this doctor elected to kill these babies. >> 9:00 p.m. fnc. andrea? >> president obama, as we know, would not comment on that trial, though he'll comment on a bunch of other things like trayvon. he also said yesterday in hisye speech in mexico that he's completely comfortable with hism plan b thing and remember, the president brought up his daughters. he invoked his daughters and. said if they would have a baby, it would be a punishment anyway. representative, steve stockmaniv questioned liberal logic on thib whole thing. he tweeted out democrats on health care, 15-year-olds who want birth control are adults. 26-year-olds who want health insurance are children. that sums it up. >> all righty. dana? >> so when i lived in dc i really couldn't stand the bike
2:58 pm
share program. i'm in new york now and i really can't stand the bike share program. if you want a bike, just get a bike. why do we have to help pay for your bike?e, this is the most absurd thing. turns out that if you weigh over 260 pounds, you're not allowed to be in the bike share program. you have to be under 260, which i thought the whole point was to try to get people, to encourage them to ride a bike so they could have a more healthy l lifestyle. this is alsoty just sort of the regulation to regulate. the department of transportation policyta director said the citys not going to strictly enforce it. so it doesn't really matter anyway. >> cya. >> i think this is ridiculous. they was a bunch of euro trash people -- upt, yet. you're not >> i'm a big fan of bike share. >> you would be. >> to do dressed -- a dude dressed as cher on a bike. thanks for stepping on my joke. >> i didn't see you down there.
2:59 pm
>> very good. "red eye," new one tomorrow. patty ann brown, will ron, at 11:00 o'clock east coast time. look at that picture. >> who is hosting? >> i look like alien gregok gutfeld. >> you look like a serial killer. >> i'm going to bring good newser. the united states economy added 165,000 jobs. the unemployment rate was down to 7.5%. the last 7 two unemployment figures were increased. commodities aren't stock market is on a great run. the obama administration is on a great run.20 >> our intern, majory heckman, isou sadly leaving us today. he's done an excellent job. thank you so much for the good work you've done for the show. we appreciate it. everybody, can get a round of applause. [ applauseun ] >> i will say thanks for. watching. weekend early.
3:00 pm
(speaking spanish). >> have a great weekend, everybody. weekend, great everybody. "special report" up next. i'm sure bret loves them wearing that. >> thank you for joining us and welcome to brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> topping the news this hour, brand-new developments in the hot button debate over illegal immigrants and border security. what president obama said today south of the border. we will go live to latin america. >> also the latest on a massive wildfire in southern california, now torching an area twice the size of manhattan. we'll see if mother nature may be helping out weary firefighters. >> and snapping those golden moments for mother's day dinners to graduation walks. "consumer reports" joins us